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The corporate climate has evolved quickly in recent years, becoming more complicated and competitive. It is essential to have well-functioning warehousing and distribution management, optimized distribution processes, reduced operation time, and an improved customer experience.

With our comprehensive logistics knowledge, we offer a full suite of warehouse services that are adapted to each customer’s individual requirements.

From receipt through shipping, we strive to give our clients flexible, dependable, and high-quality service. We do this to help our customers stay competitive and accomplish their business objectives.

How it works:


EDI coordination for real-time information access

  • Receiving reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Shipping reports

Safe and Reliable Warehousing

  • TAPA Class A accredited warehouse*
  • Dust management and electrostatic control
  • Climate-controlled settings (temperature and humidity)

Precise and effective Inventory Control

  • Lot Control and traceability
  • Serial Number Management 
  • FIFO (first in, first out) warehousing

Customisable Warehouse Operations

  • Splitting and repackaging lots
  • Customised labeling on all packages
  • Comprehensive ESD-protected handling

* TAPA:  Transported Asset Protection Association is a globally recognized supply chain security organization that certifies manufacturer and logistics providers’ highest security requirements.

Warehouse Service Highlights

Short-term/long-term storage rental

Secure storage for pallets, crates, cartons or specialised packages at climate-controlled warehouses.

Computer control of inventories

Unique code for every package, providing access to accurate inventory levels and supply chain visibility.

Labelling and customiSation

Design and apply customised labels to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Order processing, inbound and outbound

Transport and Local Distribution

Reliable and cost-effective domestic and cross-border trucking service.

Container loading and unloading

Loading and unloading bay for shipping and receiving cargoes in a timely manner.

Value-added services (VAS)

Sorting, labelling, dividing, repackaging, kitting and assembly handled by experienced operators.

Warehouse Management System

Streamline warehousing and distribution process with integrated technology.

Warehouses are more than just storage facilities for inventory.

Aside from offering secure and affordable storage rental space, our warehouse services provide other benefits as well. 

Reduced lead time

Located in the heart of Tsuen Wan and adjacent to Kwai Chung container terminal, our location offers convenient access to domestic and international suppliers. Easy and fast access to major container ports, rail station, airport, and major business districts within 30 minutes. We can reduce the time between when the order is received and when the goods are delivered, ensuring that your company serves its customers in an efficient, effective, and beneficial manner, which contributes to customer satisfaction and service quality.

Warehousing might not be the ideal solution for your distribution needs, especially those who demand faster shipping speeds, lower storage costs, and better customer service. Our cross-docking services can get your goods to your customers within 1-2 days after cargo arrival.

Scalability and flexibility

In comparison to in-house logistics, we offer flexible spaces that favor small-to-medium businesses whose demand and supply fluctuate. If your company grows and requires a few extra square feet of storage space, just give us a call. On the other hand, if you wind down operations in Hong Kong and require a smaller space, we also have you covered. Plus, we have over 170 fulltime employees with years of experience in logistics, ready to fulfill your changing demands.

Furthermore, most of our clients are manufacturers or distributors of electronic components, and they may be shippers or consignees with one another. Delivery to another floor in our facility is rather typical. In this way, the client may significantly decrease shipping expenses.

170+ Full time Permeant employees

310,000 square-foot whole building warehouse

Same day express delivery

Optimization of costs

The efficiency of warehouse operation is dependent on its layout design, including spatial planning, traffic flow strategies, and storage solutions. Backed by decades of experience, we can map out the best layout design and select the proper equipment according to your business model, transaction volume, and product type to create a productivity-boosting traffic flow that saves unnecessary storage and optimises company costs.

Step-by-step Logistics Gude

If you are considering outsourcing logistics or switching logistics service providers, we have a step-by-step guide for you to grasp an idea on how it works.


  • Conduct site visit and gather data to determine current procedure and requirements
  • Analyse logistics data and operation to identify critical issues and room for improvement


  • Create a plan and checklist for launching the warehouse

  • Design warehouse layout and operation procedure

  • Organise system requirements and develop a logistics system


  • Purchase warehousing equipment and set up the warehouse

  • Create a removal plan and manage the inventory transfer

  • Create working manuals and implement staff training

Continuous Improvement

  • Hold regular meetings to review performance

  • Design “Kaizen” (improvement) activities in the quality assurance department

We offer a full array of logistics solutions tailored specifically to your company’s goals and objectives.

Contact us today and let us grow your business.