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Multi-Client Warehousing

In comparison with traditional dedicated warehouse, NLHK offers multi-client warehousing, customizable warehouse space to the demand for your need. By sharing the space, labor, equipment and technology, multi-client warehousing model favors small to medium business or companies whose demand and supply fluctuate.

With over 170 permanent skilled employees and 310,000 square feet warehouse, we maximize the utilization of resources by spreading them across the accounts, so that you can enjoy a much more flexible and optimal warehousing solution.

On top of that, most of our clients are electronic products manufactures or distributors, and they might be shipper or consignee for each. It is common to have delivery simply to another floor in our warehouse. In this way, client can greatly reduce the delivery costs.

170+ Full time Permeant employees

310,000 square-foot whole building warehouse

Same day express delivery